Router with wifi, wireguard and sqm


I'm looking for recommendations for a router with the following requirements:

  • WIFI 5
  • WAN max 100/100 mbps
  • SQM (max 100 mbps)
  • Wireguard performance of 100/100 mbps
  • collectd for metrics
  • very good support (rock solid stability)
  • availability in europe max 100€, ideally around 50-60€

thank you very much!

Then you'll be looking for a second-hand PC (e.g. mini PC, NUC, etc.) from eBay or similar.

If you want something powerful enough to handle consistent 100Mbps encryption throughput you're unlikely to find it new at your preferred price point.

According to chipsets mt7621 should handle 100mbps

Anyway thanks for the feedback, in this case i would like to stick with a all in one router for simplicity, space and power consumption. I would sacrifice those 100mbps on wireguard if there is something fitting the bill.


In which case embedded device performance seems to have improved significantly since I last looked at the subject.

If the MT7621 is the way to go, then here is a list of supported devices with that chipset:

You can go through the list and compare prices until you find one which comes in under your budget cap.

Sorry for my stupid question: should i expected similar performance and stability from all devices based on the same chipset?

If mt7621 actually does combined 200 Mbps wireguard I am not confident there are any CPU cycles left for traffic-shaping (required for sqm). I would go for one of the arm a7x devices, like:

this has arm a72 cores (and weaker but more efficient a53s) that should do what you want (so wireguard and sqm at your desired rates), modulo the WiFi for ~ $70 (plus shipping and VAT?). This can be paired with a cheap OpenWrt capable AP to get the "missing" switch ports and WiFi.

The * MT7621s ~900 MHz MIPS cores are really getting long in the tooth, plenty good enough for an AP, but not really for a primary router at 100/100 Mbps unless no additional services are desired/required.... my 5 cents...