Router with usb 3.0

Router with usb 3.0(of course openwrt supported)
Easy firmware(no uart or jtag) (by tftp or by web interface)
Cpu:any (mt7621 is good too)
Optional:pcie slot(maybe for file server)
Cost around 30-60$ or 3000₽ - 7000₽

you can query the table of hardware like this:*%7E%5D=MT7621

I have one question. Can mt7621(dual core) use all juice from usb3.0 hdd or usb2 is limit for it?
P.s. over usb3.0 hdd can get over 80mb/s for reading

No idea. I use my routers for routing only.

Sorry for my english. But may i ask you about one thing. Is 10mb/s normal network lose?

Well, I doubt that the router you are searching for exists at all, because to get any actual benefits from USB 3.0, your router needs a fast CPU, which is expensive.

My personal recommendation for a router with USB3 ports would be Netgear XR500, but that's way out of your budget.

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HP Compaq t5740w i found that thin client in our shop( i dont know how it in english. В барахолке). I
Dont know support it pcie or not but it has intel atom. Is that will be great for openwrt?

I'd say it's crap:

  • Only one Ethernet port, so you would have to add a second network card via USB, or use it as a WiFi-only router
  • Only USB 2.0 ports, no USB3
  • WiFi card only supports standards up to 802.11n, which is too bad by today's standards
  • I could not find any information about the included WiFi card, but at that time Intel solutions were occupying more than 95% of the market. Therefore, you will only be able to set up an access point on 2.4 GHz, which is overcrowded. And no, replacing a WiFi card with something that you can buy without ordering from abroad will not help, as the only compatible PCIe cards that you can buy in Russia are from Intel and have the same issue.

So, unless your primary goal is to have a VPN router for censorship circumvention, no matter how bad the rest is, I'd advise that you don't buy this device.

Ok, with cost of 36$ (2500₽) it crap. For crap file server i can use my 2004 pc(but its broken)(two transistor under ram or what is it are broken). And for vpn i can use my second ap or run it directly on main router

Well, I looked up the list of available routers in, according to these criteria:

  • Price less than 7000 ₽
  • WiFi standard 802.11ac or 802.11ax
  • At least one USB3 port

And the only devices that they have are:

  • D-Link DIR-853 - 3 399 ₽, has a review about very bad performance - which is understandable, because of the 880 MHz MIPS dual-core CPU. It won't give more than 12-15 megabytes per second via SMB or NFS no matter what. Note that this router model has many hardware versions, and it is impossible to know which one is being sold.
  • D-Link DIR-2150 - incompatible
  • TP-Link Archer AX50 - incompatible

So I guess you will have to resort to AliExpress.

If dir 853 has 15-18mb/s via smb i will stay with my archer c6u or buy HLK-7621 from AliExpress

I would advise using a TV box to connect a hard drive, and use a router for only network data transfer.
Rockchip, allwinner, amlogic with armbian or openwrt. It will be more effective for less money.

Another ramips board, with a dual-core 880 MHz CPU. It will have the same performance as D-Link DIR-853.

To have a SAMBA server that can provide speeds more that USB 2.0 is capable of, you need an ARM or ARM64 CPU, not MIPS, and at least 1.4 GHz clock.

In this time in Russia a lot easyer buy intel atom pc and make normal file server

I found that little guy Biostar A68N-5600E. I think is enough for openwrt. Is this right? I will use it as minidlna + smb+ nfs(rare) + transmission. Quad core is good. But i think about driver support for it.

Should be enough. Nevertheless, I would still advise you not to buy it. It is not fanless. Your wife will object to the noise, and hiding it in a different room is not a good-enough solution. But feel free to treat me as a perfectionist.

Regarding your earlier suggestion for HP Compaq t5740w - it is fanless, so it is better from that standpoint. As you will only use it for minidlna + samba + nfs + transmission, not for routing, and not as a wireless access point, my earlier criticism regarding the network hardware does not apply. Yes it is on the slow-ish end, but should be enough for your use case as long as you use a SATA SSD (i.e. do not connect storage via USB). Go for it, with OpenWrt, or with a more traditional Linux distribution such as Debian or Alpine.

2 2004 zalman fans on main router is makes not so big amount of noise. But i dont know about driver support. Will openwrt support usb3.1(0)?

Yes - after installing the kmod-usb3 package. But why do you need it?

Yes. Maybe. But i have question. Will RTL8111 work without drivers for first time?

Will xiaomi mi box 4 work?