Router with support for 802.11ax and Bluetooth Low Energy

I would like to identify/find a router or AP able to run WRT and support for bluetooth low energy on native BLE chip (and bluez).
Currently I'm using an Aruba AP-303 with OpenWRT. But the build-in BLE chip seems not to be supported by OpenWRT.

Thanks a lot

Bluetooth support is quite rare on routers... wouldn't a USB adapter be a better solution?

Actually, a ton of "enterprise" AP-s have BLE but the issue is that they are all one of the TI CC series with custom FW that is not compatible with bluez so its effectively useless.

What use is Bluetooth in a router?

Functionally, IoT and sensors come to mind, used in a similar fashion as DECT ULE or zigbee; maybe even feeding bluetooth speakers with content.

Vendors are probably thinking more about smartphone app based configuration.

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This solution requires a little work, but you will end up with a great device. The BPI-R64 will do what you want. It's a homebrew router board with a lot of bang for your buck. The board comes with an MT7622, which is a SoC that has an ARM 64-bit 1.35GHz processor, built-in 2.4GHz 4x4 Wifi B/G/N, and Bluetooth 5.0. The board has two mPCIE slots for expansion (ie: your AX card), 1GB RAM, and 8GB of emmc storage (plus the ability for USB and/or SATA storage). Pictured below is my device which has AX provided by an AsiaRF AW7915-NP1 card to add 4x4 B/G/N/AC/AX 2.4/5GHz.

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It's all stuffed inside BPI's basic polycarbonate case which I modded to fit eight antennae. There is also a metal case available for it, but I'll admit Banana Pi is notorious for never putting enough antenna holes in their cases so you'll prolly have to mod it too. If you're a maker or know someone who is, you can CNC or 3D print your own case. There are a few case models out there for it.

You also have the option of using pretty much any other AX solution with a bluetooth 5.0 USB dongle. If homebrew doesn't bother you, this would also include the BPI-R3, which is the successor to the above with an even beefier CPU and built-in AX.