Router with SQM create more lag

Hello everyone I have a livebox 4 in French fai

I mainly play fps, SQM works pretty well for FPS but I have installed an openwrt router at a colleague who plays PES (football) on ps4 and it has lag compared to the livebox 4,
characters are slow do you know why ?

Capture d’écran 2020-12-27 à 00.27.31

@dlakelan @moeller0

So you are replacing the Livebox 4 at your friend's house with an OpenWrt router? What speed is he operating at? What router did you use? Possibly SQM takes too much cpu at these speeds on this hardware?

no he has livebox 4 -> openwrt router -> ps4

its connection is vdsl2 but weak around 22 dl and 2mega up the router is mikrotik rb750gr3