Router with separate APs

I use a Raspberry Pi 4 (OpenWrt 22.03.5) with two separate APs (EnGenius) and the setup is working great for me. I can see all clients in the DHCP lease list and roaming is working great.

The Pi itself does not broadcast any wifi and instead upstreams clients via the lan network interface (both APs are wired to the router). The only problem I have: I cannot see wifi data on my base router (the wifi section is empty, since there is no wifi interface setup on the Pi)

Is it possible to upstream this information from the APs to the base router (the Pi), so I can see the info in the Associated Stations section? I wonder if it's possible to create a virtual wifi interface via the APs.

I want to avoid writing a custom script to the APs to manually send the client list to the PI via cronjob.

Would love to hear ideas

No, not without serious development.

OpenWISP might provide a headstart, but that's not exactly beginner friendly.

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Does the EnGenius AP management software not already include this sort of functionality?

What sort of data are you looking for? Are you wanting to identify certain bandwidth hogs, or congestion points? Would something like NetFlow be suitable?