Router with better speed for openvpn?

I need a Router which supports openvpn speed up to 500 mbits, first I wanted to buy the vilfo Router but I cant flash it with original openwrt. I checked also some other Routers from linksys and glinet but I dont find any which is supporting this kind of speed besides the vilfo. Appreciate your help.

As discussed over in:

benchmarking VPNs is more subtle than one would want. If you say OpenVPN up to 500 Mbps you really should figure out what exact OpenVPN configuration you are interested in (it gets a bit simpler with wireguard, as wireguard in its current form does not offer many options to choose from).
But typically i would guess you need a x86 or a beefy arm CPU to achieve that throughput, given that you need a router in the first place that can actually do the normal routing/firewalling duties at that rate....

I use openvpn only as a client with common aes256gcm encryption. The server has enough power to support that speed. If you have some commercial router in mind, that would be great. But I still will check the other topic of course.

I did not find any useful information for me in that thread for openvpn. Most testing there is with wireguard. The routers tested with openvpn didnt reach the speed.

Well that probably tells you there is no Soho router which can do 500 Mb/s OpenVPN.

Advice has already been given that you need a modern X86 system.

Things might change if DCO will become enabled, it might be possible that the modern quad core Arm routers can handle that kind of speed with DCO.


Thank you for your advice and sorry for the newbie questions, I find that now

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I found a package "kmod-ovpn-dco", does it really work as what you described?

You have to make a snapshot build as that has openvpn 2.6.
In the menu at openvpn enable dco.

Add the kmod-ovpn-dco

I have made a build with this but I got aead decrypt errors as I am travelling at this moment I had no time to explore it further

Hey did you end up finding one from that site that could handle 500mb+ with openvpn?