Router WE826-T2 is in firmware recovery mode

Our wireless router Model WE826-T2 is showing Firmware Recovery Mode.
Which Upgrade File should we download for this device to install?

AFAICS, WE826-T2 is not supported by OpenWrt, i.e. there is no readymade image available to flash.


Just need to know if your device is 16 or 32M flash.
And yes, this device is suported. Are you talking about a metal case with blue leds ??

Is the T2 identical to the T version, and does the T2 work with T images?

Mine, metal black case, blue leds ( 32M) device was updated to openwrt as described.

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Yes, it has a metal case with Blue LEDs.
So this is 32M?
Is this the Firmware we would use?
WE826 T 32M 21.02.2

No. You shoud verify yours own we826. As described over openwrt instalation guide, same unit with metal case and blue leds came with 16 or 32M.

Would you please attach the installation manual?

Already posted above...

It is a metal case with blue LEDs, not sure if it is 16 or 32. I opened the case but was unable to identify the flash size.

You were asking for install instructions...

Did you read the OpenWrt wiki link that was included in the post?

It's there.

Got it.
Thank you!