Router to host gaming server at home

Hello everyone! First post here :slight_smile:

So, long story short: I live in Italy, and I recently installed an FTTH 1G Down/200M Up line at home, a single floor flat of ~100sqm. I am also part of a DCS (a flight simulator) gaming group who already host a dedicated 24/7 server. Since this server has to be moved from its actual location, I won the privilege to host it at home, but since I have a... "not so performing" router my ISP gave me, I was in the market for a new one.

Now... first thing I noticed is that the prices really had a spike in the last few years, and by reading this sticky post I understand why.

This gaming server should be able to support approximately 30 to 40 simultaneous connections at peak time, plus other few devices I have at home (PCs, smart TV, PS4). Of course, since the server would be exposed to the internet, I would feel a lot better isolating it from my home network (with a VLAN I guess, but my networking skills are rusty to say the least).

Another unfortunate factor is the placement of this router: since the fiber has been brought basically at the entrance door, I would also need a decent wifi coverage on the other side of the apartment, that with my current router I don't have (often I lose my WiFi signal in the bedroom which is on the other side).

My question at this point is: what do I do? I hoped to stay around 150€ for a new router, but as I said I realize that this is not a realistic price range anymore. What would be the best approach? Should I still look at an all-in-one router or it is time to reason about a more modular setup with a Pi (I have a Pi3 already, but I'm afraid it won't be enough), a switch and an access point? Or... well, whatever suggestion I will be more than glad to hear about it :slight_smile:

Many thanks to anyone that will take their time to help me understand my best option!

What platforms does the DCS run on?
if it's only x86, your options just got a lot narrower, unless were talking several devices.

DCS is x86 (Windows) only. But let me ask, why does this matter?

The server should be a standalone PC to keep at home, to be connected to my network. My question is about a new router or whatever equipment to buy that supports such workload and, I guess, network isolation for all my other devices, and a decent WiFi coverage too.

Theoretically, the "server" could be the router, too.
But if it's x86, and windows only, it wouldn't be an option.

Oh, ok, got it. Well, as you said it's not an option, and I'm not even sure I could have had full control on it. Thanks for the idea though!

Time to build a component system, router, switch, and access point. Maybe 2 access points if you can't get coverage from just one.

Look at a RPi4, or an x86 mini PC. There are some other single board computers as well but far less availability and fewer people have tested them.

Cheapest you're likely to get for the whole setup is right about at your budget.

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