Router that supports DHCP Option 61 & VDSL2

Hi, I'm installing a Meraki MX67W into my network however the issue I have is that any device that is connected to my router (SR203 - Sky router who are my ISP) will not be able to ping any VLANS that are on the Meraki device. The fix for this would be a static route on the sky router however it isn't an option, can you recommend what router I can buy and flash OpenWrt to it so I can use that to generate my static routes

Please could someone help me with what router supports DHCP Option 61, VDSL2, Wifi6 etc from the list -^supported+current+rel&dataflt[Brand*~]=

Thank you.

VDSL2 and wifi6 will end you up with an empty list.

better option for is to set an vdsl modem just to bridge, and have all configuration on the router