Router suggestions - new or used - in UK for TV use w/VPN?

This is my first post here so please help me make it better.

Looking for suggested routers. (And possibly VPN providers, though I use NordVPN in the US.)

I will be in UK for 6 weeks, want to try to set up a VPN connection usable by older TV. No fast devices on the network, router just needs to support typical content streaming to a single device. This is an experiment so will keep cost in time and money fairly low.

  • Speed: ISP connection is not fast, I'm not there yet but assume it is less than 50 Mbps, maybe only 10 or whatever was typical of non-techie homes in the UK in 2014.

  • Ease/difficulty: This is my first time setting up VPN on a router, and I'm on holiday, so I'd like an easier setup path. (Though familiar with a broad range of technical concepts I'm not too familiar w/router innards.) So I'm looking for a router w/proven ability for VPN set up.

  • Router characteristics: Given that network is slow, I don't need very high-test router. It would be nice to support 5GHz. No need for USB port.

  • Home characteristics: Signal has to penetrate at least one floor and it is likely cement; this is a typical UK mid-2000s row house - I can't be sure of this, but guess it's like some apartment buildings in the US.

  • Router cost? I hope to keep it under 75 USD or 60 GBP until I somehow prove that the concept works in this home.

  • New or secondhand router? Given that this is an experiment, I prefer to use a cheaper router, so am open to pre-owned as well as new.

are you buying it in UK, or US, or doesn't it perhaps matter ?

Prob UK but if ordered next 2 days could buy in US.

Check out the CR25WING, it's a x86 with wifi (that's the W in the modem name,
there's a CR25ing too), should be pretty unkillable.

Not a power horse, because of the old AMD G-series SoC, but it'll be cheap on eBay,
Expect VPN performance to be so so, at best, but it might be good enough for you.

Can you tell me more about CR25ing? CPU, RAM, NICs and other internal stuff. And maybe some hardware pictures if you got a CR25ing.

Honestly it's really hard to find this kind of information about these devices since they sell them as a service w/ licence rather than just a hardware. Thank you.


don't have access to one at the moment, but the info in the post I linked to, should answer most of your questions.

it's taken from

RT3200's are only £50 on Ebuyer UK...

I use one with NordVPN (WireGuard) and bandwidth would easily handle steaming (albeit Netflix and Amazon Prime tend to detect so I just route television traffic over WAN using nftables pbr in LuCi).


back at $100 at Walfart, unfortunately.
someone's selling used ones on ebay, for $46 -

Right and also your eBay suggestion is perhaps cheaper and more helpful in recycling against e-waste. I saw a documentary on the latter and was pretty horrified.

@ulpian there are guides on here about setting up WireGuard with NordVPN. They don't officially support it but it's entirely doable. Fiddly at first but once done it's done.

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additional info now posted in Cyberoam CR25iNG wired router HW discovery