Router suggestions for new house

Hi All,

I'm looking for suggestions on what router to buy when I move into my new house.
I will have a fiber connection (up to 1000/1000 Mbps but will probably stay under 500 for now). I had (until it broke) a TP-Link C7 v2 which was good.
In the house we will have about 50-100 units, mostly wifi (laptop, iPads, nas drives and I'm installing wifi light switches).

I was looking to buy the Netgear R7800, but it seems to be sold out everywhere in EU. So now I'm looking for suggestions on a good router to meet our current needs (and be OK for the next few years).
The price range would be up to 300€.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, my recomendation for you is Totolink X5000R with wifi 6 and good supporting OpenWrt and easy to flash (Techdata link). You can buy on Aliexpress (link to shop).
I'm bought for myself Flint GL-AX1800 2 pcs. link, for me and my parents remote home, he is have 667 mbps Wireguard speed, but without OpenWrt support for now. In future firmwares planned add support mesh.


get a wired router, and add a wireless device or devices, imho.