Router STA+AP not working

I am configuring a router to use it for repeating a wifi, using this tutorial

When I connect it ONLY as a client to the wifi, it gets IP and internet. But when i open an AP concurrently, it does not get connected. However, the AP gets openned.

The router is the HG556a

Anyone have an idea how to solve it?

reload firewall?

I execute /etc/init.d/firewall restart

That's weird, afaik if the AP and STA are on the same radio, then AP doesn't start if STA isn't connected.

obviously it is connected but don't pass data through...

I couldget it working. It seems that relayd does not have support for different encryptions, one for the STA and other for the AP.

It is able to connect when I open the AP with encryption none. It would be good to try if it is possible with the same SSID and key encryption, as someone told me that it was possible too.