Router ssh fingerprint changes during boot process

My router seems to have a temporary ssh fingerprint while it boots. I am not sure I understand why that is. Maybe because the overlay FS is not yet initialized?


When I reboot my router, and then immediately reconnect, ssh tells me that the router ssh fingerprint has changed. If I accept the new fingerprint, I can then log in (though the session then seems to disconnect). If I then reconnect, I again get fingerprint request, but this time with the normal router ssh fingerprint.

When I reboot my router and then simply wait for longer, I can connect directly without the ssh fingerprint has changed warning.

What do you see when you give uci show fstab ?

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This suggests to me that it may be related to the initialization of the overlay file system. On an ath79 device with 16 MB or NOR flash I was just looking at, after a "clean" flash, that doesn't occur until around 50-60 seconds after boot.

Does this occur on every boot, or only after a flash or reset of the overlay?

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@jeff This happens after every boot. I changed a file and then rebooted.

@trendy "uci show fstab" does not work. The file /etc/fstab has just the commented out header.

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Mount the boot overlay and paste here the fstab configuration.

I have reflashed the system firmware, and the problem has gone away, so I don't think I can get you more information. But I do not knowingly modify the fstab at any time.