Router SOC gets too hot to touch within seconds...any hope?

Anyone any experience with frying a soc/cpu? I "might" have touched something when removing my (not properly fixed) UART cables. Could that do enough damage to literally fry my soc?

My alternative is bad power. Don't have the tools here at the moment to measure. This router came with a broken power adapter to start with. The replacement is only 1A vs the original 2A.


How about you focus on whether it works, rather than how hot it is?

Is the power supply sufficient per the board spec?


You may have damaged it with ESD, Electro Static Discharge. When playing with the innards of a box you should be grounded with a wrist strap or as a minimum keep hold of or periodically touch the ground. This is most important in long cold dry winters. 5KV you can feel but not 500V though modern semiconductors do have some limited protection since quite a few years. Yes, check your power once you have the instruments to do that. Regards Ian.