Router recommendation for use as enterprise access point

Hi all,

I am looking for router recommendations for a particular use case:

I am need to setup an access point to bridge a WPA Enterprise network to a private wireless network. This is simple enough to setup in openwrt, but I am looking for hardware recommendations for recent models that will serve this purpose well. I have a budget of around $100-150 and am looking for something that is hopefully tri-band (the enterprise network has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks) to maximize bandwidth. I will additionally be connecting a computer to this router/access point, so a gigabit ethernet port is also desired.

I am a bit overwhelmed by all the different hardware options and some help from more knowledgeable folk would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

ipq4019 should match the requirements (as in Asus MAP-AC2200 or Linksys EA8300/ MR8300).

Hi @slh, thanks for the quick reply. After some further research, I've purchased an MR8300 (I also considered the newer MR9000 but it doesn't seem to have support yet: Support for the Linksys MR9000)

In preparation for flashing, I am trying to find the most stable release for the MR8300 and have checked both the tech data ( and table of hardware, which both list a snapshot. There doesn't appear appear to yet be a stable release for the MR8300 although it has been mentioned in the support thread for the device Flashing OpenWrt on Linksys MR8300 - partially bricked.

Do you know if I should use the current snapshot from the firmware selector or one of the instructions from the above forum thread. @cybrnook mentioned that it is now officially in master, but I don't see it.

Thanks again for any help.

A snapshot will be the safer method.

MR8300 is in the Master branch until the next major release (likely Stable 20).

"Factory" images may be installed directly through the OEM GUI using
URL: https://ip-of-router/fwupdate.html (Typically

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your help. I was able to successfully get everything flashed correctly and have a stable version of OpenWrt installed. Thanks again for the replies!

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