Router options VPN

Hi everyone,

Just had my first taste of using OpenVPN/Wireguard running on OpenWrt on an old BT home hub HH5A. I've come across the well documented problem of download speeds (OpenVPN 10-15Mbs and Wireguard 35-40Mbs). Previously I was able to reach ethernet speeds of 70Mbs (Openvpn) with the stock UK ISP firmware.

My understanding is that there are some hardware limitations to HH5A. So can I connect an Archer C7/A7 or Netgear R7800 to act as the router to the existing BT hub (or and old BT modem Model B-Focus V-2) and reach the 70Mbs speeds with either OpenVPN or Wireguard? And would both require the Openwrt/unlocked firmware?

NB. I also have several wireless devices connected to 2.4/5Ghz bandwiths (speed not an issue for these).

Any advice or other router options would be much appreciated, thank you!

I've come down to two choices, the R7800 or the GL-AR750S-Ext. If anyone has experience running wireguard on either please let me know.

The R7800 will easily hit 70Mbit/sec with wireguard. I get well over 200 from my VPS provider.

The r7800 is by far the faster (and better) device among these two options, by more than an order of magnitude.

Archer C7 will do approximately 14Mbit/sec with 256-bit OpenVPN tunnel