Router occasionally boots into fail safe mode

Hi, My router occasionally boots into failsafe mode.

This is a problem especially when there's a need to reboot remotely

How can I ensure that openWRT boots unless chosen otherwise in the boot menu

Edit this has happened even at recent non-modified install of current stable build.

so it isn't my configuration

"I have a device, sometimes it breaks, please solve my problem."

is that a correct summary of your problem ?

Nah I'm new to open WRT I don't know a lot of things which is why I come here

I installed it on an x86 with multiple built-in ports just trying to figure out why he keeps booting into failsafe sometimes


We can't help without additional info.

Start with
ubus call system board and describe why and how you reboot the device.

Power button, or reboot command

Also know I use The reboot command off of a hunch

Please post

ubus call system board

output. cuz it is not generic feature that reboot fails

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  • Why do you use the reboot command or power button - what issues are you having that caused you to do so?
  • Why did you get a hunch to reboot your device?

It helps if you provide as much information as possible.

Well I've recently needed to as I was setting it up

But now I'm done though I technically have another computer coming in that's supposed to replace it with the same x86 architecture

I was just thinking in the future if I do ever need to restart I don't want you know being thing SOL until I get home

Emphasis on just completed yesterday

Also I like to back up with another drive connected to it for a full image backup rather than relying on just backing up the configuration this is so if I make a mistake I can easily reverse it in less than a minute due to how small WRT is on a SSD

During the process of setting it up I reboot as I recently done like yesterday

When you mention failsafe mode, how are you determining that it actually entered that mode? Does it say so when you log in via ssh? Or is there some other sign/signal that you're using?

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When going into fell safe mode it has like only minimal texts when going into the actual real thing it goes crazy with a lot of texts

When I switch my monitor to it that's how I see it

Can you show us, please? A photo will be fine if you can't get a copy/paste of the text you see.

Also I went in on purpose one time just to check that's how I found out


This is what openWRT looks like for me

That's not failsafe mode.

Hit enter on your keyboard and see what happens.


I know here's safe mode now

I knock the title off so you can actually see the actual amount of information cuz sometimes it shows the titling first