Router is in 17.01.2, but not in 18.06,01

Apologies if ( again ) my question appears to be obvious to the specialists.

Have a Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N running 17.01.2 ( in 17.01.2/targets/ar71xx/generic/ )

And I don't see this router listed in 18.06.1 ( in 18.06.1 ... ar71xx/generic )

Does that mean the router is not supported anymore in 18.06.1?

( there is a snapshot though... )

This device only has a 4MB flash.


This is because Snapshots don't include LuCI. With LuCI included in version 18, the firmware likely won't fit on your device.

Correct. EDIT: It's supported under the tiny target if you self-compile.


Technically it's still supported, but you have to build it yourself and remove something to make it fit. Note that it's under tiny, not generic in the menu.

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