Router inherited, how to read the custom contents?


we just moved into a house where the previous owner left us with a linksys router that runs "OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09 | Load: 0.08 0.03 0.05".
It ran well for a while but now it started having connection issues. Connecting directly to the (separate) modem works but diagnosing the issues trough OpenWrt is beyond me.

Since attitude adjustment seems rather old by now. My first idea was to update, so my question would be, how do i find the architecture to download the new firmware and also how do I find the custom packages that make up the router specific parts?

I hope these questions make sense. All ideas appreciated - Cheers

P.S. Is it possible to reflash the default linksys firmware from within OpenWrt? or do i need an external device for that?

By finding out, which Linksys router you have...
You forgot to mention the router model.

Your alternatives depend a bit on the model, as the oldest routers are too small for the current openwrt.

If it's one of the WRT54G series, you should replace it with something more modern. They don't have enough memory to run newer versions, and you'll be stuck with g wireless anyway.

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