Router for sqm

Hey just wondering if this router "TP-Link TL-WR1043N/ND v2" is good enough for sqm on my 100/40 connection?

trial and error ?

is you don't max out your CPU, and by it affecting the routing performance, you're good to go.

I wouldn't get my hopes up, though.

Hey Mesmus... Yep... start doing speedtests with different speed limits in SQM, while watching in a terminal with "top" running. Watch the idle time % rather than the cpu%. That's the real indicator of when you're out of gas...

Actually, I prefer "htop" with the extra cpu, int, etc, stuff checked in the settings, that puts interrupts in purple on the bargraphs.

But either way, reduce speed if you have to, till you don't max out on idle time. If it's really bad, you might still get a lot of benefit from just SQM'ing the 40mbit upload and not trying to do the download. I got a lot of improvement doing that, back when I used to use a C7 as my full router, and had a 300/30 link. A C7 can't handle 300mbt and SQM...

Use the Waveform Bufferbloat test, that's the good one nowadays.

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im able to get A+ on the test for bufferbloat so does that mean the router is fine and capable?

Yes, A+ bufferbloat and A+ quality results is what you should be getting, I get that on my 300 / 35 Mbit cable internet with my WRT32X using SQM cake. Ping will barely jump up during the test mostly staying in the 1-5ms range.

Yep, that would be the "end result" good sign... It's probably still worth doing to to the test running top, to know how close you are getting to fully saturated on the CPU.

But, if you're setting it up with Cake SQM, and 90% of your non-SQM service speeds, and you're getting very small to no increase in latency... I'd say it's capable.