Router for OpenWRT

Hello, please advise a router for OpenWRT. Preferably from ASUS, to be powerful and handle VPN encryption (OpenVPN and WireGuard). Currently, I have ASUS RT-AX55. I tried to install the beta version of the firmware with WireGuard, but the speed is not more than 65 Mbps. VPN server and home Internet have bandwidth of 1 Gbps. Now my eyes have fallen on ASUS TUF-AX4200, but I see that it is still in beta. Are there any chances that it will appear in the supported status? Are there any problems with it now, while it is in the beta version?

if you want 1gbit with openvpn you'll probably need x86.
the WRX36 can reach some 850mbit with WG.

it'll get "full" support with the release on 23.05.

can use the RC3 until it happens -


Achieving Gigabit throughput on Wireguard will require some processing power. Think x86 or a similarly endowed ARM. If my math is not failing me, at a minimum, you will need quad-core or quad-thread with 2 GHz clock speed.


I can suggest also Asus TUF AX6000. Personally, the best OpenWRT router. I have prepared PR for main branch and waiting for merge. Next step will be the 23.05 ..... You don't need to open the case : Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 support - #37 by patrykk

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