Router for OpenVPN


I currently have a WRT3200ACM that I bought mainly for CPU performance, since I plan to run an OpenVPN client on it. Since it is still in the return period, I'd like to ask if there's any other routers that are recommended.

There's a couple older devices in my house, and there isn't much being done within the network so speed isn't really a concern (as long as I can stream 1080p, but that shouldn't be an issue with any modern router). Range is however important.

As I said, I want to run an OpenVPN client on it, so CPU performance (and HW acceleration) is likely the key factor for this purchase.


  • WiFI speed isn't important
  • Range matters a lot
  • OpenVPN speed target is 100Mb/s (or as close as possible without going x86 or >$200)
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I guess this "Next router? ath10k or mwlwifi based? something else?" lists a couple of options in that general performance class. Devices based on the Qualcomm-Atheros IPQ8065 SOC, Netgear X4s/ r7800 or ZyXEL Armor Z2/ NBG6817, are probably the closest equivalent in regards to performance, with likely better wlan (ath10k) support compared to the Linksys WRT3200ACM/ mwlwifi.

Linksys WRT3200ACM

Yep, that's about as good as it gets unless you want to look at x86 hardware.

I would stick with the WRT3200ACM, and use one of your older devices for wifi, until the current issues with the driver get fixed.

Yup my current plan was to stick with the WRT3200ACM, but since I don't have another device currently (I killed my old router unfortunately) I can't really do that much testing with it. I got it up and running with LEDE and OpenVPN was working (albeit not at the speeds some are getting, but I imagine configuration changes could get it there). Mainly the WiFi is not stable for me currrently, which should be fixed soon, but in the meantime I am willing to try out other devices (free Amazon shipping/returns).

It sounds like the WRT1900AC (which is $40 less) should get ~80Mb/s (as opposed to ~100Mb/s for the WRT3200ACM). I'm also interested in the Netgear X4S AC2600, which retails for the same price and has a dual core 1.7GHz CPU. OpenWRT seems to be relativley stable on it, but the only indication of OpenVPN performance I found is ~50Mb/s which is hard to believe.

Given it's been ~8+ months now I wouldn't hold my breath for working wifi.

@diizzy What do you think would be the best bet then in the short term for decent (>50Mb/s) OpenVPN speeds one OpenWRT and stable WiFi?

In my experience the 1900ACS is a fine router. Wifi works well (except for the 5 GHz DFS channels; insert sigh here) and the OpenVPN client also runs at m ISP's full speed. Which is a measly 16 mbit though.

Netgear X4S and/or Zyxel Z2 Armor, MT7621 is pretty fast but it won't do 50mbit/s.

Wow, it seems like Linksys really has a huge advantage in terms of CPU power if they can get 80-100Mb/s but everyone else can't make 50Mb/s.

It sounds to me like the 1900ACS has stable WiFi and according to it can do 90Mb/s, which is good enough for me. Proably going to return the 3200ACM and get the 1900ACS then, so I can turn off 5GHz and get a stable connection for now and then turn stuff back on once the drivers improve.

X4S and Z2 are similar in performance with better (working) wifi
MT7621 platforms also have pretty good WIFI however the SoC is slower and wont hit 50+.

maybe worth looking at something like an apu2 or more powerful x86 platform (mini/media pc, J1900 ...)

IPQ/QCE platform has hardware cryptoengine so could improve SSL performance. Look at this post