Router for ISP clients: Gigabit ethernet, N450 or better wireless

I run a small WISP and provide a wireless router to each client. In the past I've used whatever was cheapest at the time, but now I want to standardize on a single model of router running OpenWrt.

These are my specifications:

  • Stable Wifi. I won't be available to reboot a crashed router.
  • N450 or better wifi speed. Currently my fastest plan is 30Mbps but I want to be able to offer up to 75Mbps in the future.
  • Gigabit Ethernet switch with at least 2 ports. (not including the WAN port)
  • Enough RAM, flash, and CPU to install and run SQM rate limiting and a simple firewall.
  • Costs $60 or less.

My WISP is in Chile, but I usually import devices from China or the USA.

Does any device exist that meets these requirements?

I'd personally recommend at least 8 MB of flash, at least 16 MB preferred, for long-term compatibility. For me 802.11ac and 802.11s support are mandatory. Some might forgo the 802.11s support.

What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device? is likely over the budget, but What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device? may be more on target. Also What's your favorite cheap 5 GHz-capable device

Edit: Yes thanks, that should have been megabytes for flash sizes

I assume you mean megabytes, not gigabytes?

802.11ac would be really nice, but I have yet to find an acceptably-priced ac device that also meets my other requirements. I've read through most of those three threads you linked, though I could easily have missed something.

The closest I've found is the Linksys EA4500:

With 128mb of flash, N900 wireless, and gigabit networking it seems to check all the boxes. 802.11ac is sadly lacking, however.

Good price for a refurbished unit, but new (and it seems like you need a reliable supply) they are still close to $100 US.

There's a good, though sometimes overwhelming Table of Hardware list that has various filtering options that may help you. @tmomas knows all the ins and outs of making it dance and narrow things down. Here's one example where I've started with the "Ideal for LEDE" list and filtered it to 5 GigE ports and ac support.[Ethernet+GBit+ports_*~]=5

The $60 price point, at least for single-unit purchases, can be a challenge.

I've been happy with the three TP-Link Archer C7 v2 units I bought a few years ago, though they get cranky above a couple hundred MB/s throughput. There is an Archer C7 v4 on the market today which Amazon is selling for $80 for a single unit. I can't comment on its performance or stability, but there should be many posts here on the "new" version.