What's your favorite cheap 5 GHz-capable device

As a follow-up to the topic What’s your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device: I'm looking for an affordable router that has a no-nonsense installation, can do 5 GHz and is available in Europe. I don't care for extra things like USB connection. 1 Gb/s Ethernet is optional.

I currently run DD-WRT on a TP-Link TL-WR741ND so I guess any new router is probably an upgrade :smiley:

The D-Link DIR-860L rev. B1 is pretty cheap for an 802.11ac router. Coincidentally it's the most open source 802.11ac solution as well :slight_smile: - and fully supported by LEDE.

Very happy with it :wink:

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TP-Link Archer C7 v2 is a cheap but very stable platform too.

Vote for TP Link Archer C7. Price seems to be dropping in favor of next generation stuff. AR71xx ... well supported. You will find plenty of LEDE users to share success and grief with. There is better hardware performance out there, but if you have <200Mbps cable ISP then you would not likely need it.

The TP Link Archer C7 is still 80 euros here in Europe. The D-Link DIR-860L is 63 euros which is more interesting. Thanks fo the tips so far!

Do keep in mind 2,4 GHz performance of the D-Link (MT7602E radio) might be sub-par in noisy environments. Mediatek put an MT7603 revision out but that won't be finding its way into the DIR-860L.

I also saw some reports lately saying that 2.4Ghz performance on MT7602E radio is very disappointing. D-Link DIR-860L still has dual core CPU with four threads.

Do you know what's the threshold for this router with SQM enabled with cake? Do you think in can handle 120/10 connection?

...Archer-C7. Wired in, CAKE or HTB-FQ_CODEL should easily make 200 Mbps. HTB "bucket method" creates a bit of hysteresis in the throttling behavior approaching 100Mbps. You can compensate by increasing the DL ~5%. The wireless drivers create a lot of CPU interrupts. CAKE is smoother under these conditions while it computes in real-time. HTB "bucket method" will tend to run dry at times under high interrupt conditions. Wireless access into 5G (ac) and it to keeps up with cable-ISP. In my neighborhood of overlap, I have no chance of pushing 2.4G (n) wide-band to see if thats possible. The 2.4G is built into the CPU with the cost advantage of letting the software do as much heavy lifting as possible. The 5G is on standalone board which puts at least a few pragmatic requirements on it doing some work itself.

200Mbps with SQM on 720Mhz CPU?