Router for 250/20 Mb/s with SQM layer_cake. Help needed

I recently got upgraded from 120/10 to 250/20 Mb/s internet connection.
I'm looking for a device that can handle the new speed with SQM configured with layer_cake. WiFi is optional. Can you recommend something?

The Linksys WRT1900ACS, WRT3200ACM and Netgear R7800 should have sufficient power to handle that.

I've just read that Netgear R7800 has some troubles with SQM and high CPU usage. Apparently it can't do 200 Mb/s let alone 250 Mb/s. Care to commend on that?

I was just recommending by specs and the R7800 has enough raw power to handle it.

If there are issues with SQM now they will most likely be fixed at some point unless there is a flaw in the hardware design. So if you want to get a new router right now the R7800 is then obviously out of question.

I have a 3200ACM myself and it handles SQM just fine. I only have a 120mbit connection but there should be enough headroom.

If you need a router with enough raw power you will have to look at fairly recent models with fairly recent Marvell / Qualcomm SOCs so software support might still not be up to snuff for some of them (Broadcom might work too if you can do without WiFi).

You should also consider trying the development snapshots if you settled for a model since they have a newer kernel and better support for more recent SOCs.

IIRC SQM also performs worse / quirky on routers which have a proper switch build into them. So you might have to consider that too. But i might be mistaken.

What about the WiFi performance and stability on Linksys routers?
I see a lot of threads in this forum about issues with WiFi. I use 2.4Ghz network because most of the devices I own don't support 5Ghz.

WiFi is fine for my usage on the WRT3200ACM but I'm not a heavy WiFi user. Mostly just mobile devices on 2.4GHz which don't handle high throughputs anyway. I have no trouble maxing out the Wirless N speeds tho.

The WiFi driver for the WRT ist still in ongoing development and you will need to use a LEDE development snapshot to get usable and stable WiFi for the WRT3200ACM (newer Kernel + newer driver). The development snapshots will soon also include the latest version of the WiFi driver with support for proper signal reporting.

As an alternative you can get the latest LEDE stable and update the driver yourself from this thread: