Router/EXT dhcp conf and MT7615E


I have Linksys EA7300V2 and GLINET B1300 as main routers (I use one at time the other is for "backup") and Netgear EX6150V2 or Netgear R6100 as "extender" (I use one at time the other is for "backup").

The network is like that:
A - Internet provider router (wifi turned off) @ip
B - ROUTER @ip wan port is connected via cable to the provider's router lan port
C - EXTENDER @ip connected via cable to B

In "B" LAN DHCP starts from 51 and have 48 slots, only WIRELESS 5Ghz "AC" is on
In "C" LAN DHCP starts from 10 and have 40 slots, only WIRELESS 5Ghz "AC" is on

My questions are:

  1. Is this configuration ok? (I'm not expert)
  2. With Linksys as main router I see wireless running ok in LUCI (MediaTek MT7615E 802.11nac | Channel: 116 (5.580 GHz) | Bitrate: 425.4 Mbit/s) BUT all the devices near the router seems to connect to the extender.... This is not happening if I place GLINET as router with same config (and same channel)...
    I have also noticed that if I run a "SCAN" (from LUCI) on the Wireless of Linksys MediaTek MT7615E it gives "No data" as answer.
    Everything is running on 22.03.02.
    Any help appreciated.
    Thanks and regards

Configure the extender as dumb AP -, since it's wired..

Setup 802.11r between the two devices for client roaming.

Don't forget to resize the DHCP IP pool on the Linksys

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