Router compatible with LEDE ? and Wifi disabled?

Hello !
I have a TP-Link WR940N V4 and I want to be sure that it is compatible with LEDE, I think so because I saw it in the list but it's just to be sure because all other firmware like OpenWrt, Dd wrt and other aren't ...
So, that's my first question.

My second question, I read in the instructions of installation that by default the Wifi is disabled for the first connection to the router juste after the installation of LEDE. The problem is that I'm not at home for 5 months and i have juste my Macbook pro .... Without Ethernet interface .. Is there a way to do the first connection via WiFi ?

Thank you very much !

Your router is compatible (, but due to low flash size, you'll mostly need to hack it by building your own firmware each time you want to add a package or uptade.

Luci will not fit, wich means you will need to manage it trought the CLI only (no graphical web interface).

If you are willing to go through that, then when you will build your own, I think that you will be able to activate WiFi on your build. You would be better to buy an ethernet adapter.

But it doesn't stop there, you will encounter other difficulties as well. I'm not trying to discourage you but to inform you :wink:

By far the easiest option would be to get yourself a cheap USB ethernet card, while those things aren't particularly fast, they should do the job just fine.

In theory you could also build LEDE from source and build your required configuration files, including wlan, into the initial firmware image, but that needs at least some experience with building LEDE and the knowledge how the wlan cards of your router need to be addressed - not really recommended unless you know what you're doing and have means to recover (of which a functional ethernet card would be the mere basics) your device,

Thank you very much for your answers, I think I will buy a USB Card ethernet !
Concerning your message Dipi, Does it mean that install LEDE on my router it's not like install OpenWrt on others router ?
It's not possible to just flash the router with LEDE and then it's ok i can use my router in a normal way ?

Read the link that I posted about warning 432 to view in details the impacts regarding having only 4 Mb of flash size.

You will not have a GUI (called Luci) to manage your router, you will have to use the command line interface (CLI).

Since even Luci won't fit, you will face a challenge to install additional packages as flash space, were LEDE is stored, is very limited. Sometimes the only way will be to rebuild the firmware with those packages already baked in.

I don't pretend to have any experience in that matter, maybe someone that knows for real what's like to work with that small amount of flash can chime in to give you concrete advice.

The image in the repository should install like openwrt, there are just some limitations to what you would be expecting to do with your router.

Take a look at Extroot, which might help you circumvent the 4Mb flash size limit.