Router ate my SIM card

I tried to change the SIM card w/adapter in my router and the WG3526 is a bit fiddly. So it seems, the SIM card (micro I think) went into the slot, but the adapter (mini) slid under it. So now I have a big problem as I can't seem to get it out again. Any ideas??

Provably unsafe to leave it that way and continue using the router as is. So , I’d suggest opening up the case and retrieving it. Most devices have a section on the wiki, and a subsection that explains how to get the case open, but you may need to be a less common screwdriver (eg star head) to do it. Good luck

I wrote the device page :slight_smile: And opening it is not an issue but the SIM slot on the board is closed, except for the opening on the front. Using stiff wires didn't work and YouTube suggests super-glue is the way to go :open_mouth: I'll report back on that....

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Well, YouTube was right :slight_smile:

Take an (old mini SIM / adapter / cutout-to-size from a SIM card holder) and carefully put some super glue on the small edge. Wipe off any surplus as that will interfere (glue shut!!) with your SIM slot or card. Insert the card into the SIM slot. Hold for 10 seconds, retract and the micro SIM should come out with it. Immediately separate the two!

If your glue is too weak to hold / the friction is too strong, this guy has a method involving 2 micro SIM cards and a super-glued needle for additional traction.

Also: super glue comes in "liquid" and "gel" types. I used liquid, but had to clean my SIM afterward, using solvent, which is probably not a good thing. Maybe try the gel type instead....


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