Round 2, breaking stuff.. Anyone use mwan3 and WireGuard as a client?

I have OpenWrt setup as a wireguard client, everything was working great except for my DNS issue I already posted about. However, I had a simple ip rule/route add to get this one IP over the tunnel and back "home".

Then I installed mwan3 and now have three sources of internet working. Thinking that this apparently uses its own table, is there a rule I can put in place to allow my one Wireguard client to reach its peer (back home)?

Update: I should note, I am only using mwan3 as a fail over service, I am not balancing my Internet.

And.. I can re-add the route once the connection is back up and it will work again, until it is failed over.

I had similar problem with DNS with multiwan. When one of the connection is down for some reason, the broken connection breaks the DNS. So I unchecked the use DNS advertised by peer and put in public DNS servers. You can also put your provider's DNS servers as well. You will need to do it for both mwan interfaces.

With default setup of a VPN (e.g. service on port 1194 or similar) you can serve VPN connection for both multiwan interfaces. You just need a port forward from your both public IP adresses to you mwan router with VPN.

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