Rosy File Server along with default Admin UI

Any using Rosy File Server ( Wonder if it is possible to run both the file server and default Luci admin interface at the same time.

Rosy File Server --> '///'
OpenWRT Admin UI --> '///'

What rosy does?

it uses same Luci to create a download page for files in the folder /www/rosyfs-share/ (by default)

It should show a button on the low right with "fileserver/ administration" if you click on the "administration" it brings you to luci admin interface.
See screenshots in the old PR

Thank you @bobafetthotmail I missed that.

Interestingly the 'File Server/ Administration' button fails to appear on the file server views. It only appears in the admin views.

Need to figure this out and send a patch.

File to bug report here

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