ROOter, USSD code just return "OK" in AT-Command

Hi . i have ZBT WE826-T2 with MODEM : Quectel EP06.
I install the ROOter Project (GoldenOrb_2022-03-03 ( OpenWrt 19.07.6 ) ) Firmware .
now i want use AT-Command for run USSD code , but when i enter any command i see only "Error" or "OK" .
for example i want check my balance with code in AT-command :


I searched the internet a lot. None of the solutions worked . any advise?
other modem information :

Since you're running ROOter, you're probably better off asking them, not us.

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Thank you for your attention to my post. Since the core of the firmware is OpenWrt. I felt it would be better to raise it here.

It's modified by them, they know all the fw specific quirks.

With your logic, the question might as well have been posted at a random Linux forum - they're both Linux based.


That modem control window is a ROOter extension which isn't part of official OpenWrt discussed here.

You could try opening the modem directly with picocom on the CLI.

The modem answers OK meaning the message has been prepared for sending. The reply from the network should arrive a few seconds later and is presented as a "loose" +CUSD message. You may need to send only AT+CUSD=1 to the modem first to enable printing the response.