Rom partition is full

I havnt installed or even touched my router lately, though i do use it extensively (minidlna, wireguard, transmission) but its been running great for a while now

however i had some issues with minidlna and transmission, and found that the /rom is full

what can i do to resolve this? is there some clean up i can do?
Im running DavidC build for the Linksys WRT1900AC

OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11627-a428606646 / LuCI Master git-19.339.73009-ea6d0d2

That looks normal, as far it is all internal flash. You would mount an external drive for torrents and served files, and I don't see any mounted.

/rom is always full. It is the files that are built into the initial flash, squashed into a read-only filesystem.

The files added at runtime to internal flash (e.g. extra packages and config files) are stored in /overlay. There is still plenty of space there.


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