ROM dump for TL-WPA8630P - 25Q64CSIG anyone?


I'm in the position where I need to reflash the chip on my TP-Link TL-WPA8630P(UK) Ver 2.1 powerline adapter. I have a serial to USB adapter and software but I need a clean dump of the ROM chip from the above device if anyone has one.

It's the GigaDevice chip 25Q64CSIG.

Thank you.

Actually, as my powerline device is currently bricked, perhaps a ROM from a slightly different unit would work. Maybe a Ver 2.0 unit or one from the (EU) region would help. I'm willing to try anything right now in order to get a working unit.

Thank you.

jwmullally - I noticed that you send a similar ROM in a thread from a few months ago. Are you able to let me have a copy too please?

Thank you.

Sure, i'll send you one for a v2.0 EU. Can you PM me your email address?