Rollback to OpenWrt from pcWRT, Xiaomi 4C


Someone can suggest me how can I Install OpenWRT on my Xiaomi 4C? I have Installed pcWRT but I cann't back to Openwrt.
I tried from firmware upgrade from pcWRT control panel. nothing happend.
I tried from ssh. I downloaded the firmware in /etc/ and run
mtr -r write openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-xiaomi_mi-router-4c-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin OS1

but it get me this error:
Could not open mtd device: OS1
Can't open device for writing!

Please help me.

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Please help me


You'll need the kmod-mtd-rw package.

Thanks for reply,

Can you tell me exactly what is the Steps? I'm beginner

I'm Really Confuse... Can not roll back to OpenWRT

did you actually read the post I linked to ?

It's your router, running some 3rd party firmware.
Ask the people over at pcwrt, it's their FW you're running.

I Mentioned them here. but no one replied to this ticket.
Again: @abej

This is a forum, not github, and the ticket should be with pcwrt, since you're not running openwrt, yet.

Another option is to figure out how to return to stock.

cd /etc

mtd -r /openwrt.bin OS1

I was build this guide for easy installion

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hello @gamexland how did install pcWRT on your Mi4c router? Can U please tell me how to instal pcWRT on my Mi4C router too

ask pcWRT, we're not supporting it.

Please ask the pcwrt maintainers for help. This forum is for OpenWrt.