Risks of upgrading past "Supported Current Rel"?

I have a TP-Link Archer A6 v3.2 router and I'm running OpenWrt version 23.05.0 and I am interested in upgrading the firmware to newly released version 23.05.03.

The question is, Table of Hardware still states that "Supported Current Rel" for my device is 23.05.0 despite the fact that there are newer version available, are there any potential risks of bricking my device, or something when upgrading it past its supported current release?
Also on that note, why some devices stuck on 23.05.0 while others have already changed "Support Current Rel" to 23.05.03? Are there any like, procedures to do this or something?

Do it, the risk is not any higher than normal. These values are manually updated (or not).

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Just finished setting things up and it looks like everything works great so far.
Flashing went pretty smoothly without any issues.

i don't think i can edit an "supported current rel" for A6 v3 without a wiki account but if someone else who can, that would be nice? I assume that is how it works based on what you said.

@RaylynnKnight has been working on this. Is NETGEAR R6120 abandoned? - #4 by RaylynnKnight

Oh cool, i guess i will wait on them to do it.

To be honest the 23.05.xx is the stable release no matter the xx value. Xx is only minor service upgrades of the release.

It has happened some times that a device gets blocked from a stable release, like wrt3200acm. But that is very uncommon.

I'm going down the list of targets in alphabetical order as I have time and just completed the octeon-tx target. At my current pace I expect to be finished sometime late next week.

Although I expect to go back over the list adding devices that are supported by DEVICE_ALT defines in the build framework. For instance the WatchGuard AP 320 is supported as a DEVICE_ALT of the airtight_c-75 images.