Right version to modify kernel to be compatible with upstream

I modified some drivers for more logs under v22.03.5 tag: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/tree/v22.03.5

Now i'm trying to play with custom modules to add more from luci-opkg, but fail to do so because of incompatibility:

* The installed version of package *kernel* is not compatible, require 5.10.176-1-a90af1d1… while 5.10.176-1-1eff4559… is installed.

What proper openwrt tag should i use to be able to change modules right from opkg? reset packageinfo or smth?

You nee to compile the whole firmware and kernel plus the modified packages at the same time.

Instead of compiling just the new/modified package, compile the whole firmware image.

Alternative, if you are using the official 22.03.5 firmware, might be to download the SDK from that release, and use it for compiling the new package.

(There are pretty strick checksums preventing installing kernel modules compiled with even slightly different kernel options and package selections )

so, probably, you mean i compiled against wrong tag before, and incremental build after checkout didn't hop right version to recompile? ok...

No , I am just saying that you need to recompile everything at the same time. Including the firmware. (And you can't install kmods from the public repo via opkg, if you are running a self-compiled firmware with kernel modifications)

Even small changes like selecting a new kernel package, will change the hash checksum regarding kernel modules.

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see here for an example:

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yeah, long way road stuff...
Seems this link explains everything. And since i want to add/remove modules and fit kernel logs, this is hard to apply every time.
Would better patch my own opkg to omit this check.