RFE : please add "alfa 121u" to ath79-tiny imagebuilder

Please add "alfa 121u" to ath79-tiny imagebuilder ...?

FYI, it's a tiny AP that runs on 12 VDC (so good for cars & boats) and has USB port. It's not obsolete yet.

I can do the testing ... or send my unit to someone.

Thanks !

That's not how it works, nor is there active development happening on 8/32 devices in the first place. While Hornet-UB support was apparently available for ar71xx, no one has ported it over to ath79 so far - and with ar71xx going away in favour of ath79, so did ap121u support. Right now we're still at that step, someone with the hardware on their desk will have to do the porting (the development), if someone does provide a tested device support patch (assuming it does not require major driver additions/ changes (in which case it would be rejected for a device below minimum system requirements) , which seems unlikely for this hardware), there is little reason not to merge it. …but, this hypothetical someone (e.g. you) needs to be found, and do the development work - if that doesn't happen, device support won't materialize out of thin air.

From a casual look at the hardware specifications, the porting should be reasonably easy and might be possible for a motivated beginner, the small RAM will be an issue though.