[RFC] vendorinfo ( /etc/board.d/05-vendorinfo )

There are two device values that are unique to the board... they are stored on mtd in binary... and printed on the sticker with device mac addresses.


This might be handy in other situations where some device specific information is obtainable during install and relevant for support or setup ( think > losing it prevents you from using the device properly )

Would be very handy in the future if something like this ever gets off the ground...

Something in board.d > 05-vendorinfo which goes into system?

case "$board" in

	oemserial="xyz-abc123" #< not static just for demonstration

	uci add system vendorinfo
	uci set system.@vendorinfo[-1].oemserial="$oemserial"

	uci commit system

Any other boards doing something like this? / existing standard?... if not.... better ideas?

Some relevant discussion here ( github pr )

some relevant ( an wise ) comments on the mailinglist

basically... the plethora of oem-specific data-types / locations / consistency....

make core integration of such details impracticable ( breakage prone / consistency of code integrity issues).

and while perhaps the future may require some sort of internal init-based checking for a consistently-named set of parameters if present.... integrating such get-and-set routines within "default" device definitions should be avoided due to the issues mentioned above... ( underlying systems can change at the drop of a hat )

suppose wiki entries / scripts would be the most appropriate for this kind of additional info/feature-sets. ( custom uci-defaults basically )