Reviving old archives? why it has disappeard? not normal


since several months i enjoy searching & installing openwrt on olders routers. I know that some devs of owrt cant deal with >2years hardware, but i guess it's far of being the opinion of common openwrt users/nerds. Im among those whom revives 10+years devices with owrt, better than stock firmware.

that's why im a bit surprised to see that several subjects from old forum, are just, gone :


etc etc..

well, im supposed to consult that, and im today forced to go google's cache, even didnt get it

how get those page commonly accessible, even if i have to do a mirror on my own? i saw several subjects about old routers that are just not directly hosted by openwrt (what is for me not normal for an opensource project, where history/tracability is a very important thing, even years after)

Version 0.9 of OpenWrt (from 2007) is still available...


I seem to recall that there was an issue with the old archive where no real access was possible anymore and what exists got copied and pasted from sources like already....

Not sure what your intention was, but that reads a bit aggressive...


The original openwrt forum crashed a few years ago, hard drive problems. At that time it was found out that the founder who had run the forum server, had never took backups. The forum contents were lost.

The current archive site contains those discussion items / thread segments that were scraped from various caches, internetarchive etc.


This is a read-only archive of the old OpenWrt forum. The current OpenWrt forum resides at

In May 2018, the OpenWrt forum suffered a total data loss. This archive is an effort to restore and make available as much content as possible. Content may be missing or not representing the latest edited version.

The current OpenWrt forum was initiated by the active developers in the LEDE fork as the LEDE forum (while original OpenWrt was stale in 2016-2018) , and was then renamed as the OpenWrt forum when LEDE and old OpenWrt re-united and continued from the LEDE basis in early 2018.


[Outdated information deleted, see updates below]

As @hnyman correctly stated, the forum had a total data loss. Over the course of a few nights I scraped and parsed tens of thousands of pages off public caches before they were gone (mainly off Bing of all places, with supplements from, and nothing from Google since scraping from their cache is virtually impossible). As the forum archive says in its header: It is the best we could do at the time.


My recent experience with the archive seems to indicate that the .html at the end is not needed. I think browsers try that by default.
The only changes I made to access pages from web search engine results on Firefox was to replace ? with the browser supported hex value %3F.
If this is fully functional on all current browsers, is there any way to fix/update the indexes or the web server to work correctly again?



I missed the mailing list announcement that the forum archive is now a "statified" set of HTML pages. (Thanks @slh!) This means that, yes, the ending ".html" is part of the file names, as is the query separator (?) that now needs to be URLencoded.

Thank You!

Update: The forum archive server has been reverted to the "old" location, the links now work again as they should. I believe the server will not be replaced with the staticized Github version anymore, since it demonstrably causes problems with inbound URIs. More likely it will be moved somewhere else as-is, but I'm not involved in that decision.