Revert to stock FW TL-WR840N V4 / TL-WR841 V13 / TL-WR849N V4

Hello everyone,

I installed the LEDE FW on my router but the wifi is unstable and I need to go back to the stock FW.

I tried to flash through TFTPD but it did not work. I did not get it right but it looks like we need to modify the stock FW to get the boot.

Can someone help me or pass me the file?

TP-Link tl-wr840n v4


Download original firmware for TP-Link tl-wr840n v4 from Tp-Link site.
Extract firmware from zip.
dd if="name_of_file_of_firmware" of=tp_recovery.bin skip=1 bs=512
Copy tp_recovery.bin in your tftp server
Set ip of the network card, with router off press the wps button for 5 second and you see tftpd server start transfer.

Info on;a=commit;h=24043a0d2e01b9843c0dc529205b3b0bc7ecbbf9

It worked!


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