Revert To Original Firmware Dlink dir-842

Good day everyone.
I have a router Dlink dir-842 c1. I install openwrt and have been using it for a year. I would like to revert to original firmware by looking for some online instructions. When I try, it always fails. Could anyone help me please. I have been looking for the solution almost a day but until now still no luck.
Thank you so much!

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Have you tried uploading factory image instead of OpenWRT-factory?

  • Download factory.bin and sysupgrade.bin, as both will be needed (See [Solved] D-LINK DIR-842 C3 installation).

  • Connect your PC to one of the LAN-side ports and configure it to with default gateway configured to

  • Power the router off.

  • Press the reset button and keep it pressed while powering the router on again until the power led blinks about once per second.

  • Go to in your browser. You'll see a quite basic firmware upload form.

  • Upload the factory.bin.

To flash DIR-842 via the recovery (keep reset button pressed during power-on), you need to install the MiddleFirmware first, then continue to flash the latest version:

New browsers may cause problems uploading the image via the Web UI at, try using IE 11 etc. instead.

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