Revert to factory firmware tp link archer C5 V4

I installed openwrt on a TP link C5 V4 device, and I would like to install to the factory frimware via tftp, I downloaded a Brazilian frimware but first I need to cut a certain number of bytes.
My question is: how do I revert to factory frimware?
If anyone can cut these bytes for me as I don't know how to do it.

J'ai installé openwrt sur un appareil TP link C5 V4 , et j'aimerais installer au frimware d'usine via tftp, j'ai téléchargé un frimware brésilien mais je dois d'abord couper un certain nombre d'octets.
Ma question est la suivante: comment revenir au frimware d'usine?
Si quelqu'un peut couper ces octets pour moi car je ne sais pas comment le faire.

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The factory firmware should work without issue when using TFTP.

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Sometimes you need to revert to the exact version you used before openwrt.

first of all thank you for your response.
in the forum they say that "" 2.the original firmware will not work directly! Cut 512 bytes from the beginning, for example:...""
The problem is that I don't know how to do it.
if anyone can do it for me because i don't know how to do it.""stock firmware won't work directly! Cut 512 bytes from the beginning, for example ""

You must have linux virtual machine or at least cygwin to prepare revert image.

I found a factory firmware prepared but when I install it no password does not work plus the connection button remains inactive.

try resetting the device ...

Likely it reverted to exact configuration it was before openwrt and you need to reset to use default logins from device label.

I reset the device but it doesn't work. The default IP address of the device is:

user: admin
password: admin
wifi key is on the router label.

the password: ''admin'' does not work. Is there a method to flash this model: tp link archer C5 V4?

Then it may be empty password, or google for it. Reset procedure is specific to generation, some need poweron with reset pressed, some need reset pressed when fully booted, some need poweron with WPS pressed, find users guide.