Results on and are inconsistent

I use OpenWRT to dial a PPPOE link, it is set to automatically set up IPv6 from that link and does so, but when testing on and my results are inconsistent, sometimes I get perfect scores others I get different errors and timeouts. Are these tests not reliable or is something misconfigured on my router?

  • You didn't provide details on what inconsistent results
  • The first link (test-ipv6) just shows your IPs and ISP...what inconsistent results occurred?

Please show.

(If you mean ICMP, yes the firewall filters is, but it shouldn't be inconsistency in the results.) sometimes says I don't have IPv6 connectivity at all. sometimes fails "Test with IPv6 DNS record" and/or "Test IPv6 large packet" and/or "Find IPv6 Service Provider"

All the while getting perfect scores around half of the time.

And you're sure it's not ISP related?

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