Restore Western Digital N750 to OEM Firmware


I'd like to restore my Router Western Digital N750 to the original Firmware.
I tried to upload the original firmware in Emergency room but it's failing.
I saw a page explaining I have to stripped the firmware but It's not clear

Can you please help me ?
Thank you for your support

Probably not much help, but the last time I restored a WD MyNet N750 to OEM firmware a few years ago, I just used Emergency Room and loaded latest/last WD stock firmware .bin image. The router was running LEDE 17 (ie. ar71xx images).

Not tried restore process with OpenWrt 18 or 19 ar71xx images.

I don't use the ath79 images.

I have 19.07.6 ar71xx image running on a MyNet N750.

I believe the same as bill88
but i do remember that the boot loader douse not setup the switch
so if you can't get to the recover interface
make sure you power it off for a while like a few minutes to drain all the power out of the switch
& make sure you have the reset button pushed so it will go into it's recovery interface
if you let the firmware boot with a bad switch config them you have to do it all over again
and some time it takes a few goes as well

Thank you for your answer. I'm running 19.07.7. I tried many times : I enter in Emergency room and upload the WD Stock firmware My_Net_N750_1.04.16_ccig.bin.tar.gz. After a while, the web page is refreshed and it looks like the upload is cancelled. Do you have an idea ?

Thanks, I tried many times... no success

it seems like you are trying to flash a zip or gz file extract the My_Net_N750_1.04.16.bin & use that


@jeromePeru, welcome to the commuity!

Use the emergency firmware flash feature and upload the OEM firmware. It' s the same process as used to switch to OpenWrt.


I would advise an older version. I attempted to flash a device to OEM about 2 years ago just to test out hardware NAT offload; and flashing worked.

Yes, @jeromePeru, try the file inside - or refer to the CD that came with the router.

As mentioned by @lleachii, the My_Net_N750_1.04.16.bin can be found within the installer CD. You can download the original 440MB Installer CD iso from

Mount the ISO file or CD and navigate to the following folder:

\Extras\Recovery\My Net N750

I've added the same instructions to the wiki (Link updated: July 2022)

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Same issue here, was somebody successful to restore it??

Have you tried the instructions as linked above?

Page does not exist anymore...

Then please focus on the other topic you have created and the advice given there.

Just for completeness: The instructions have moved to