Restore Western Digital N750 to OEM Firmware


I'd like to restore my Router Western Digital N750 to the original Firmware.
I tried to upload the original firmware in Emergency room but it's failing.
I saw a page explaining I have to stripped the firmware but It's not clear

Can you please help me ?
Thank you for your support

Probably not much help, but the last time I restored a WD MyNet N750 to OEM firmware a few years ago, I just used Emergency Room and loaded latest/last WD stock firmware .bin image. The router was running LEDE 17 (ie. ar71xx images).

Not tried restore process with OpenWrt 18 or 19 ar71xx images.

I don't use the ath79 images.

I have 19.07.6 ar71xx image running on a MyNet N750.

I believe the same as bill88
but i do remember that the boot loader douse not setup the switch
so if you can't get to the recover interface
make sure you power it off for a while like a few minutes to drain all the power out of the switch
& make sure you have the reset button pushed so it will go into it's recovery interface
if you let the firmware boot with a bad switch config them you have to do it all over again
and some time it takes a few goes as well

Thank you for your answer. I'm running 19.07.7. I tried many times : I enter in Emergency room and upload the WD Stock firmware My_Net_N750_1.04.16_ccig.bin.tar.gz. After a while, the web page is refreshed and it looks like the upload is cancelled. Do you have an idea ?

Thanks, I tried many times... no success

it seems like you are trying to flash a zip or gz file extract the My_Net_N750_1.04.16.bin & use that


@jeromePeru, welcome to the commuity!

Use the emergency firmware flash feature and upload the OEM firmware. It' s the same process as used to switch to OpenWrt.


I would advise an older version. I attempted to flash a device to OEM about 2 years ago just to test out hardware NAT offload; and flashing worked.

Yes, @jeromePeru, try the file inside - or refer to the CD that came with the router.

As mentioned by @lleachii, the My_Net_N750_1.04.16.bin can be found within the installer CD. You can download the original 440MB Installer CD iso from

Mount the ISO file or CD and navigate to the following folder:

\Extras\Recovery\My Net N750

I've added the same instructions to the wiki

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