Restore to OEM Netgear WAX202

I was trying to restore back to oem firmware from netgear thru web ui and getting this warning message.
Should I proceed with the Force upgrade? TIA

Firmware is from here.


Thanks. But now stuck in here. Please advise.

You disable the Windows firewall?


And what kind of network interface is net6?

OpenWrt is not meant to flash netgear firmware !
Yes the solution is nmrpflash (@frollic ) it works well, and yes (@zinm ) don't forget about the firewall.
On your pic, you launched nmrpflash without options ... have you read the documentation yet ?
Take care about npcap, version 1.6 works but I had issues with version 1.7.
Last advice : documentation says to start router THAN launch nmrpflash. My experience is that some devices need to start router first, THAN launch nmrpflash. Try both methods.


No. I'll do that. Thank you.

Ethernet network

Thank you. I'll try that.
This is the command. Is it supposed to be chk file instead of img?
nmrpflash -i net6 -f WAX202_Firmware_V1.0.5.1.img

I was following the guide from ddwrt.

Yes I remember that some Netgear firmware have chk extension. But nrmpflash doesn't care, you can rename the file like you want. Read and use official nrmpflash doc.