"Restore" my wiki account

For some years I wrote some documentation in the wiki.
But now the account did vanished (due to break-in?).
I created a new forum account (with same name like I had several years) but write access to wiki is still missing.

Are there new restrictions or can someone re-enable my account in Wiki?
I saw a lot of outdated and missing things on pages for Alfa routers.

There has been no change to the wiki accounts since the new OpenWrt wiki has been set up. Forum account and wiki account have nothing to do with each other. Maybe you had an account in the old OpenWrt wiki, but not in the new wiki?

In any case, if you want an account in the new OpenWrt wiki, just let me know your desired username and emailadress via PM and I will create one for you.

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It seems that I mixed up wiki/forum accounts because it was told to ask in forum for wiki access. :slight_smile:

Yes, surely it was in old wiki. Yes, please create an account (will sent as PM).

Are there any new restrictions or policies in new wiki? Some new pages to read before doing changes?
I recognized that you did some "cleanups" on the pages I want to update now (AP121/hornet).

Only the general rules apply:


Thank you!

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