Restart wired Ethernet in the web interface?

For some reason, one Ethernet connection sometimes gets degraded to 100Mbps. Restarting the router restores 1Gbps. But I wonder if there is a way to restart only the wired Ethernet, just as there is a menu to enable/disable wireless. I have tried changing the LAN ports property to "off" and then to "untagged", but that did not seem to restart the port.

Is there a way to do so using the web interface?

If not what is the command for the telnet console?

This is very likely related to a cable or other issue, typically not the network interface. You are just simply forcing the link to re-negotiate when you bounce the state, but that is masking the problem. Check the cable(s) and any far end devices. (also, some devices will go into a lower power mode by engaging 100Mbps vs 1Gbps on their ethernet port when they are sleeping -- I have a Mac mini that does this).

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I'd have to tests, but I think by restarting the LAN interface, it will likely force that link re-negotiation.

No, that won't do it. You're basically just affecting the logical network connectivity there, not physical.

telnet is long deprecated. ssh is available.
/etc/init.d/network restart
would do the same thing as restarting the interface via the GUI.

But, check your cables and end devices (and any intermediate devices). Also, you could try connecting a simple gigabit switch between the port and whatever is downstream -- this will let you see if the port on the router is actually dropping down to 100Mbps, or the port of the other downstream equipment.


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