Resolving external URL as another external URL with dnsmasq

Basically I want built-in PS4 user manual option that opens to open another URL, can I do that using dnsmasq/adblock? Thanks!

Probably not. You can point to a different IP address, but it will still request for on that IP. So it will at least generate a certificate error, and probably simply a 404, as the IP doesn't host that domain and path.

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There are public dns servers that do exactly that, so it's definitely possible. Question is whether it's possible with openwrt...

It can be done-ish. Put as static address in your hostnames. On that static address there should be webserver running, which generates a 301 or 302 redirection to your other url.
Maybe you can use your routers IP address, and create a file /www/document/en/ps4/index.html on your router containing something like

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=your_url" />

But this will generate a certificate error, as your router can't provide a valid certificate for (unless you can install certificates on your PS4), and I don't know how it will handle that.


Thanks! I managed to do it with simple hosts entry pointing to public DNS server, mentioned above (it's also IP address of host I'm targeting).

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