[RESOLVED] Do not upgrade EdgeRouter ER-X to 21.02.0

Don't upgrade to 21.02.0 from 19.07 on your EdgeRouter ER-X via the normal upgrade path in Luci. It'll result in a soft-brick router. No warnings in its official openwrt page and no topics on this issue here at the forum. Hence, my account and post creation.

Switch to DSA?

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Ok so now we need to investigate, can you say something more specific what you mean by soft brick?

There are others that have done this transition already without soft brick, so your case is somewhat unique so far.

Have you read the release information?
Have you read the install warning in luci?
Did you do what the install instruction said?

Have you actually read the forum? We get this upgrade fail treads about 50 times per day or something like that in this forum.

Thanks for your replies, guys. It has resolved itself. I do not know what was the original problem. I'll post the details so other may learn from my experience.

Soft-brick, I could connect with static ip but get no dhcp responses of any kind. Router's power light was on. The connected eth port lights were on and active but nothing was responding to my commands (no luci, no ssh, etc). I could not ping from a static ip address either. I've pulled power cable off and plugged it back in to reboot it with no effect.

I was following the steps outlined in that link when I stumbled across a solution. Holding down the router's reset button for 30 seconds was what brought my router back to life.

Did all that, yes. Hence, my post creation.

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